mouse_connectivity_models requires:

  • Python (>=2.7 or >= 3.4)
  • scikit-learn (>= 0.19)
  • allensdk (>= 0.14.4)

For running the examples Matplotlib >= 1.3.1 is required.

User installation

We use Git for our version control and Github for hosting our main repository.

You can check out the latest sources and install using pip:

$ git clone
$ cd mouse_connectivity_models
$ pip install .


Testing requires having the pytest library. After installation, the package can be tested by executing from outside the source directory

$ pytest mcmodels

This should finish with a message similar to:

======== 94 passed, 2 skipped, 4 wargnings in 6.46 seconds ==========

Otherwise, please consider posting an issue into the bug tracker. Please include your version of Python, allensdk, and mouse_connectivity_models, and how you installed mouse_connectivity_models.